Adornment, the start of the story! By Sarah Corbett

Adornment, the start of the story! By Sarah Corbett


Jewellery has been documented for at least 7000 years of man’s existence and recent discoveries of shell beads in a cave in Morocco date back 111,000 years, a yet more recent discovery in Israel pre-dates this Moroccan find by 35,000 years!

So it really seems that the drive to adorn has always been with us.

Early adornments were likely to have been worn to bring protection to the wearer and comprised natural ‘found’ materials.

We know that from very Early Neanderthal and Heidelburger burial sites that as these early humanoids left Africa and migrated to places further to the North, the change in climate led to the use of garments made from skins and furs, these were used for warmth. At the same time there is the appearance of Red ochre, a form of iron oxide, which is widely thought to have been used as a body adornment. The existence of these early burials shows the start of a concept of an afterlife, and notions of spirits both good and evil Align oneself with the good spirits and to protect from the bad, Amuletic Adornment is born

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