Anglo Saxon graves discovered

SALISBURY PLAIN, ENGLAND—More than a dozen new Anglo-Saxon graves have been found at the site of Barrow Clump. The site, which has now been backfilled, was originally a Neolithic settlement that was later used as a burial mound in the Bronze Age and even later as a Saxon cemetery. According to Culture24, a team from Wessex Archaeology has now discovered a total of 75 graves dating to the Anglo-Saxon period at Barrow Clump, one of which contained a skeleton in a crouched fetal position along with numerous weapons. In addition to the warrior’s grave, three female burials were found, each containing glass beads in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. The team was also able to locate the original 19th-century excavation trench, something they had been unable to do in earlier seasons, explains Wessex Archaeology’s Steve Winterton. To read about the excavation of a royal Anglo-Saxon feasting hall, see ARCHAEOLOGY’s “The Kings of Kent.” 

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