Anthony Rousell

Anthony Rousell

Award winning Artist and Designer, Anthony Roussel creates beautiful intricate sculptural jewellery inspired by the epic sweep of the British coastline and a passion for modern architecture.

Roussel applies delicate flowing lines and sweeping curves, meticulously layering sheets of wood into sinuous forms. His fascination with the repetitive linear patterns found within geological rock formations is echoed in his technique. Essentially he builds flat elements into fluid structures.

Although formally trained in traditional metalwork, he discovered his real love for materials in wood after being introduced to working with various species by a violin maker.

Roussel pushes jewellery as an Art form, seeing the body as a veritable canvas. The jewellery he creates function as sculptural objects as well as wearable pieces of body adornment in their own right.

As well as his work’s instantly recognisable aesthetic, Roussel quickly became known for his skilled marriage of new technologies with traditional materials and cutting-edge design. Through the form of 3D modeling software and digital production, he embraces avant-garde processes whilst still preserving hand craft and good workmanship. A challenging statement upon what is possible in progressive jewellery design.


Roussel is a conscientious maker who’s work is bold in nature yet delicate in appearance. With the use of wood, he questions the traditional notions of preciousness, in using new technologies as a tool, he challenges existing perceptions of craft.