Art Attack

VOGUE is revered the world over for its fashion foresight, decade-defining shoots and aesthetic inspiration and has become a cult fashion purchase Kara-Ross-Jewels-5-Vogue-24Apr13-PR_b_592x888in its own right. But what if you could wear the magazine itself?


Thanks to jewellery designer Kara Ross you can. For her latest tribal-inspired collection, entitled Fauve, the New York-based designer has collaged her favourite shoots and covers from Vogue and used them to decorate earrings, cuffs and necklaces crafted from paper mache with metallic accents.


Both exciting and ethical, we can’t think of a better conversation starter – nor a better way to promote our favourite issues at that. It’s playful sophistication at its artistic best.


See a collection here. 

Scarlett Kilcooley-O’Halloran

Photo – Kara Ross Jewels

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