Bizzari Jewel Design

Bizzari Jewel Design

Jewelry seems quite uncomplicated. It’s a shiny piece that you wear around your neck, wrist or fingers, or even dangle from your ears. It’s pretty simple and it delights you. But when the same precious gemstones and metals are used in making jewelry across cultures, jewelry becomes a cross-cultural dialog of unexpected pleasures.

Jewelry designers often benefit from countless sources of inspirations such as paintings, fairy tales, poems, quotes, sayings and simple words. For Mona Bizzari cultures are the main source of inspiration. “The route of jewelry making begins at birth and continues to grow during the course of a person’s life as one gains a profoundly entrenched understanding of cultures including its distinctive traditions, religions, philosophies, and unique materials” Bizzari says.

With the purpose of building a unique space for jewelry fashion, “One that is deeply cultural and socially conscious,” Bizzari decides to take a rather exceptional route to jewelry making by mixing gems and precious materials to create distinctive cross-cultural statements.

“Having grown up in predominantly Arabian societies, being educated in American schools and traveling throughout European countries,  I have always had to reflect on multiple cultural zones which I have lived” she said “My jewelry developed a style that fuses cultural elements, old techniques that still looks and feels contemporary.”

Bizzari is fascinated by a wide spectrum of elements. Silver remains to be the primary material, especially the combinations of silver purity levels that has become a major part of her signature style such as the Bedouin or Afghani silver that are manifested by their colors and designs. Beads are another fascination, “Those Venetian Chevron glass beads, the Millefiori glass beads, the ancient Roman glass beads, and Luk Mik Dzi beads fused with the brassy Bedouin silver that is distinguished by its handcrafted bells hypnotize me into a-trance-state back in time.” She says.

This collection was a mixture of the western and eastern traditional jewelry. The Bedouin cheaper silver and the Venetian glass beads instead of precious or semi precious stones were the master elements in this collection. Time is the 5th element that made them so precious.

To Bizzari, jewelry is pretty simple. “It’s a shiny piece that is worth words.”

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