Capturing the characters of Morocco

Capturing the characters of Morocco

Leila Alaouis a French Moroccan Artist, her latest exhibition is a tribute to the rich ethnic and tribal identity of her native country.

Her travels through the towns villages and cities of Morocco have been accompanied by her pop up photography studio, where she has created stunning portraits of those she has encountered in her travels.

“Most Moroccans grow up hearing stories of witchcraft and are often afraid of the ‘evil eye.’ It is commonly believed that one can throw a spell at someone by using his or her photograph,”

“Moroccans are also tired of being photographed by Westerners as ‘exotic’ subjects and have grown to react aggressively towards anyone who wants to photograph them without permission.”

“I believe that being a Moroccan photographer makes people feel a bit more comfortable once they feel they knew me a bit more,


Leila invites anyone who asks about the studio to be a subject of a portrait, and gives printed copies of those portraits to those partaking.

The result of the project , is a strong selection of great shots, which capture the proud strength of the Moroccan people.

Alaoui’s photographs are on display in the Photomed Festival in Sanary-sur-Mer, France, until June 15 2014