Christina Zani – Designer

Christina Zani – Designer

Underpinned by my fascination with literature, semiotics, travel, architecture, colours, textures and materials, my work is the tangible testimonial of my journey through cities.

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, my collection is a reflection on the urban environment and the concept of invisibility. One series – My Seoul – is inspired by the contrasting architecture of Seoul. The choice and juxtaposition of materials, shapes and colours echoes its landscape: sombre modern buildings intertwined with colourful and ancient wooden temples and palaces.

The other series – Infinite Maps – stems from the aerial observation of cities and my fascination with maps. I am intrigued by the patterns drawn by intersecting roads and by the idea that, by taking sections of maps out of context, the city becomes invisible and the focus shifts to the intricate designs created by the lines.

I approach the creation of my jewellery in the same way I would compose a story. While designing my pieces, I seek to engage the audience in the storytelling process and stimulate their personal narrative, allowing the jewellery to become the instrument through which they can explore their own feelings and memories.