Dawn Wilson-Enoch – Designer

Dawn Wilson-Enoch – Designer

The desert has always called me.
I’m a lover of desert places, a creator of talismans, a bridger of worlds, a desert dweller. I live on desert light. My home and studio, shared with my husband and two cats, is in Northern New Mexico.

I work with the textures, shapes, and colors of desert places, making talismans that are to be touched and worn as a connection to the desert in daily life. I create artifacts that honor the spiritual quality of the desert and hold that energy within them. 

I see beauty in quiet things, worn things, weathered things…bones, rusted metal, spines. Earth and stone. The ever-changing clear light, the long horizons. All of these translate into my creations and give my talismans shape, but on a deeper level it is the spirit within the land that informs my work. 

These pieces are born of tranquil days in the small sunwashed studio in my home. For over 17 years, it has been my center place, a sanctuary where I can watch the progress of the sun and seasons, the weather, and the many birds and animals that live here. I’ve seen snakes, jackrabbits, hawks, owls, coyotes, roadrunners, even bobcats from my studio windows which are almost always open to the high desert air. 

My talismans are a part of my spiritual path and each one that I make is infused with blessing energy, made to honor the earth and the desert I love. Each piece is like a tiny stitch between the worlds, helping to bring together and balance all in wholeness and beauty. They exist as points in a network of light and are intended to be conduits for beneficial spiritual energy to the wearer. 

While my spiritual path can best be described as shamanic, it goes beyond any one tradition. Put simply, it is about working with energy and the communion between the dimensions of the spiritual world and our physical one. 

My home and studio are ceremonial, sacred space. It is where I keep close to the spirit world, feel the gentle presence of the ancestors, and walk the spiritual path I have been on for over a quarter of a century. I smudge almost daily with burning sage, copal, cedar, or palo santo which helps create a beautiful energy in which to work.

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