Designer – Angela Lovett

Designer – Angela Lovett

A little girl walks into a classroom, sits down at her desk and opens her first geography book. The pages become doors. She walks through and enchantment sets in. Morocco, Istanbul, Arabia, Africa, the Mediterranean – gleaming, sparkling, beckoning – they transport the little girl from her world of primary colors into shades of the sun, moon, and earth that she had never seen before. She falls in love.

As she grew older she discovered more beauty – this time through different pages. Beginning with Vogue at eleven years of age she was introduced to the world of exotic design in fashion. She was fascinated by the stunning jewelry from around the globe.

Since she had been drawing from an early age it was natural that when she began working it was in the field of graphic arts. That experience provided her with a deep understanding of color and design.

Of course, I was that little girl.

Years went by and I veered off my creative design path and entered the world of computers and the internet. I had the good fortune to create a product that became very successful and at the age of forty-five sold my company with enough resources to indulge my dreams and fantasies.

The next years were spent exploring Africa, India, Asia and the Caribbean and through those travels I found myself drawn once again to the beauty and mystique of ancient and antique ethnic jewelry.

Ready for a new career, I immersed myself in the study of African trade beads, amulets, and adornments from North Africa and Middle Eastern countries.

From that, Angela Lovett Designs was born.

Angela Lovett Designs are one-of-a-kind handmade beaded jewelry pieces created with antique, ancient and vintage silver, brass and gold beads, pendants and other elements combined with precious and semi-precious gemstones to create contemporary and modern objects of adornment.

The unique jewelry designs will appeal to many tastes, and include long necklaces, pendant necklaces, multi-strand necklaces, cross necklaces and more. Each custom necklace is handcrafted using authentic ethnic silver and African tribal beads along with precious and semi-precious gemstones and/or Swarovski crystals. The modern tribal and ethnic jewelry designs are created for the woman who is proud of her individuality, values authenticity and revels in her own unique sense of style.

I’ve always been inspired by color and this is an important inspiration for each necklace. When selecting precious and semi-precious gemstones, I look for intense and unusual colorations and quality of hues in each particular stone. I seek out unusual cuts and my favorite gemstones are one-of-a-kind or vintage hand-cut and hand-faceted jewels.

My inspirations come from each unique antique pendant or bead and my intention is to create a design that is modern and appealing to today’s aesthetics while still honoring the history and reverence of each antique jewelry element that is featured in the finished piece. Each unique piece of jewelry has a history and story – beads that have travelled across time and all areas of the world. Just as inspirational are the stories and histories behind each bead or component. As I work with each piece I am aware of its history and imagine the roles that it might have played in another woman’s life so long ago. Was it part of a marriage ceremony – perhaps a dowry? Was it given with love? Did it indicate wealth and power? How far had it travelled before it lay in my hand?

The moment I complete each new design, I feel the energy and connection to those women who lived and adorned themselves with these pieces before my time, and it is immensely gratifying for me to gift the new owner with a continuing connection to the woman who wore the jewelry in a different time and place.

Angela Lovett Designs are available at select boutiques in Puerto Vallarta, including the St. Regis Resort at Punta Mita and the entire collection can be viewed at

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