Desmond Chan – Designer

Desmond Chan – Designer

I enjoy making jewellery; in 2013 when I couldn’t find a special Christmas present for my wife I decided to use my 3D modeling skill to build a star shape pendant and used 3D print technology to make it in sterling silver.

That was my first jewellery design and she enjoys wearing it.

My concept is to make use of 3D printing technology and Modern Art to transform art pieces into wearable jewellery. My goal is to design energetic limited and specialized jewellery.

My latest creation is the Tree in Cross necklace.

The Tree Cross Pendant was inspired by the Salvador Dali.
Salvador Dali is in my opinion the most versatile and prolific artist of the twentieth century. I am inspired by his surrealist art pieces with concepts of contradiction, illusion, floating objects and the stuff of dreams. My cubic cross design  looks as though it is floating in the air with a tree inside. The tree represents life and immortal.

I love to mix new technology with art to create another form with new definition, and I try to reflect that in my jewelry collections as well.