Faouzi – Designer of Marrakech. By Sarah Corbett

Faouzi – Designer of Marrakech. By Sarah Corbett

Born in Marrakech, Faouzi is the son of a Hairdresser.

He lives now as ever in the Ancient Medina of Marrakech.

His working life began in the restoration of antique furnishings, his love of creative arts led him to study calligraphy.

His beautifully illuminated work is highly desirable and collected in his home city and beyond.

Faouzi worked in Europe and the UK for a while in the early 1980′s.

His interest in jewels began when he was asked to repair some antique pieces.

The client was overjoyed with his work, and a long love affair with jewels began.

Faouzi opened his shop in  Marrakech, and can be found there amid an array of beautiful jewels to this day.

Upon entering this small and packed space you will at once be greeted by Faouzi himself, he does not have others selling in his shop, he insists of a dialogue with his clients, and wants to impart the tale of the history of the elements within each of his wondrous designs to those who encounter them.

Nestled between the showstopping creations of this master designer; gems of jewellery, pottery and silver abound. One visit is certainly not enough to fully appreciate the wonders on offer.  Beyond this, for the serious collector or jewel designer, once a rapport is established the drawers which conceal jewel stocks will open to magically bring , just the right bead, pendant, clasp, ring……………. akin to a magician Faouzi seems able to bring rare jewels from random pots and boxes much like rabbits from tophats!

When there are no clients in the shop, you will find Faouzi sitting, often cross legged on the floor, surronded with beads and pieces which he has lovingly gathered for many years with a certain design in mind…once the last pieces fall into his possession the whole cache of carefully gathered pieces are at last combined by this master of scale, colur and balance to create Jewels which never fail to please.

Faouzi’s creations have featured in Vogue travel magazine, and have been exhibited throughout the world.

His language skills are exceptional a visitor to his shop from many a nation will be greeted in their mother tongue.

To own a piece which was created by this wonderful man is a joy.

To meet him and hear his philosophy for life, love and the beauty within each person is an honour.

One visit to this emporium will leave you feeling that the experience will always stay in your heart!


‘My greatest joy is to adorn people perfectly, a gift of adornment can bring such pleasure to the wearer.’ Faouzi


to visit Faouzi in Marrakech head to the dyers souk ( Souk Labadine) you will find his beautiful shop at number 32.


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