Helping others through the art of Adornment

Helping others through the art of Adornment


Kadambari Jewels. –

“ If you want to own something nobody else will have …”

Kadambari is the creative expression of Rashantha Devanesan who has been designing and crafting Kadambari jewels since 2008.

Kadambari’s collections reflect the rich heritage of the Silk Road and Asia, combining genuine antique pendants and beads with semi-precious and natural stones to create contemporary pieces of jewellery that take you back to an era of cross- cultural splendor and diversity.

Each item of beautiful jewellery has a story woven into it, pendants that have come from different parts of our world and have travelled sometimes extensively ,is lovingly re-created by the designer and is a unique piece of wearable art.

“ Making Jewellery is a gift that came to me at a difficult time in my life and when I work with these beautiful old pieces of jewellery and natural gemstones, the peace it brings me is something I value greatly and I am constantly thankful for the joy it brings me. Peace and joy must be shared if it is to be of any real value. The way I have chosen to share is by making a few chosen charities that support women and young people in need a part of my life with the proceeds from the sale of my jewellery. “ (Rashantha)


Kadambari supports the following charities:
Profits from shows and sales of Kadambari jewellery benefit these charities:


I-India – a Jaipur based Charity that’s provides shelter to Street Children in Jaipur

The Sunera Foundation – A Sri Lankan Charity that supports disabled and traumatized young people with therapy through the arts, enabling them to live more fulfilling lives.

DABAL – Deaf and Blind Aid Lanka – A UK based charity providing support to Deaf and Blind schools throughout Sri Lanka.

Wheelchairs to go – A Sri Lankan charity providing wheelchairs to disabled young people in the North of Sri Lanka enabling them to attend school and vocational Institutions. Many of them have been victims of the Long civil war in Sri Lanka.


Kadambari’s Sale on the 13th of September 2014 will be in aid of The Sunera Foundation Sri Lanka, and is organized by The Friends of Sunera Foundation UK.  SEE DETAILS HERE

Kadambari will launch the “Serendib Collection” at this event, jewellery incorporating rare antique silver ornaments from the ancient and historic cultures of the Central and Southern regions of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka

Profits generated from the sale of jewellery at this event will benefit the Sunera Foundation Sri Lanka.

If you are unable to make it to London I have some fab news… you can still be the proud owner of one of these amazing creations …presales are available in our charity shop online ……