Liz Hamman

Liz Hamman
Cheshire based mixed media artist Liz Hamman create’s fantastic handmade jewellery from reclaimed materials. Hamman’s jewellery has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Much of the paper used to create the jewellery comes from reclaimed or second hand books, maps among other paper materials.
‘Paper is an amazing material and can be manipulated in many ways. It can be cut, stitched, torn, folded, laminated and much more all producing very different results, this is why I love it as a material.‘ – Liz Hamman
Books or maps are well travelled items – they accompany us on planes, on holidays and they sometimes get us lost at sea! ARR! Making jewellery from materials that have a memory attached to them brings a higher sense of meaning as the material it is made from represents a memory – a moment in time when you were happy, sad or lost. Each jewellery piece is as unique as the memories attached to the materials it is made from.
The contents,memory,and experience of a book, map or game can stay with us all our lives and can be as highly valued as the family jewels. My work aims to explore the contrasting qualities of value/ non value and transience / longevity.

I describe myself as a paper and paper jewellery artist,sometimes a book artist, it just so happens my book art usually comes in the form of jewellery.I am interested in the idea of value,I love words, books, sculpture, textiles and paper. My art has developed to encompass all these things and most of my jewellery pieces are one of a kind.