Nicole Schuster

Nicole Schuster

Nicole Schuster works about the relation of nature and architecture, as an opposite, as an addition, as a process.

Even the pieces titles refer to the influences from architecture and nature, growth and change. They sound like a survey through imaginary cities. Others point to poetic places, which you can imagine as a scenery for film or theatre. Behind the pieces inspired by nature, landscape and plants stand processes, transformations, sometimes even stories that you can recognise in the pieces.

In the creation procss the artist examines the existing outside world and reflects our attitude. She sees architecture as a piece of jewellery in the human environment. The dilemma of architecture with nature and that of nature with architecture. Their mutual inspiration and influence, balance and instability.

As particulary appealing to Nicole Schuster are places with historic industry, that are increasingly deserted and go rack and ruin or are being transformed into something new: on the one hand the contact between humans and their self-created environment, on the other hand the recapture of nature over the structures and ruins. At last a question of aesthetics and values.

Nicole Schuster works in silver, mostly blackened. Partially some elements are cast or created in a 3D-program. But as a basic principle she works with metal by hand, according to the artistic needs. Sometimes she sets small gemstones into the small openings or adds stones, acrylic resin or other materials. Despite her programmatic claim and complex structures, this jewellery is made to be worn, often and quite natural. Accordingly aside from perfect workmanship she attaches great importance to function, weight and volume.

The relation between architecture and nature, of geometrical construction and organic form is the center of Nicole Schusters work. She is succeeding to combine contradictions and to transform it into small fascinating objects.