Stephanie Hamer

Stephanie Hamer

Stephanie is an emerging contemporary jewellery artist, based in Manchester. Working mainly in plastics, and exploring the use of colour, shape and pattern, she strives to create jewellery that is striking, modern and fun. 

After gaining a distinction in FdA Jewellery & Applied Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2011, Stephanie has developed her work into a range of bold, contemporary jewellery. Her aim is to create fun and interesting pieces, whilst ensuring they are also both wearable and affordable. 

Inspired by colour, and the way in which colour can affect our moods, feelings and behaviour, I love to use colour within my jewellery. I enjoy working fundamentally with plastics as they allow me to use shape and pattern in a way that enables me to create individual and tactile pieces.

Stephanie’s work takes inspiration from everyday scenes that are usually passed by without really being noticed.Everyday sights such as a radiator grills, electrical wires and spilt paint can capture her imagination. After photographing these scenes, Stephanie digitally manipulates the images to create a series of repetitive patterns and shapes which she then uses within her work.

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