Will Evans – Designer

Will Evans – Designer

Will Evans started his jewellery career as an apprentice to a master-blacksmith and has since progressed to making highly sophisticated stylish jewellery incorporating fine gold inlay. Much of his work has a linear feel to it and his distinctive use of gold inlay helps to define or even defy the form of the pieces, blurring the boundaries between line and three-dimensional form. Will uses techniques such as folding, forging and soldering precious metals to create striking and unusual shapes. The majority of Will’s work is one-off pieces, created by working closely with a commissioning client.

The inlay process has a natural tendency to create work with a linear feel to it, which he likes to make use of when creating the pieces. He exploits this tendency towards the linear when designing, using the inlay process to explore the interplay between line and form.

Will enjoys the colour contrast of inlaid gold. using a subtle palette with varying shades of white, yellow and rose gold, the colours are further enhanced by a distinctive surface finish. Mathematical schemes of proportion are another key element to many pieces. Will also likes the permanency of the inlaid mark, but most of all enjoys seeing a piece of jewellery come to life when it adorns the body.

Will recently completed a brooch for the Goldsmith Company’s collection. The piece is a deconstruction of a traditional diamond spray corsage. The brooch is a key piece for Will both aesthetically and technically, by breaking away from purely linear inlay, with the introduction of larger inlaid areas.

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